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Humans are 60.000 faster at processing images and Visuals than text and numbers.

That Means you should always try and use a visual representation when displaying data above a few rows and columns of data. Today maps, Graphs and charts can be produced so fast and so cheap that you should take advantage of the opportunities now.

Be transparent

Show it don’t tell it.

Transparency will always benefit you. Sharing knowledge openly will increase business agility, innovation and new business models will emerge much faster. One of my main kernels of truth is that the democratization of information is what is truly disrupting the businesses of old.


Gather insights when you analyse

You should analyze everything, always. Are you monitoring how effective your website is? What about your newsletter? If data is todays gold, then why aren’t you measuring its value. With the increasingly powerful BI capabilities of many online providers and even Microsoft Excel, you should have a much easier time of getting your data analyzed. Start small if you don’t know where to begin. A few graphs and pivot tables will help you show the meaning behind most data.

Living in the cloud

Companies should always look to place their services in the cloud.

Placing your data in the cloud gives you immense freedom, you have access to the data everywhere there is internet, sharing the data is easy and working together in teams becomes so much easier. With today’s advent of  machine learning and better search capabilities your work efficiency increases and your team is happier for it. I have yet to meet anyone who wasn’t thrilled with having their data in the cloud. Compared to hosting the data yourself inhouse, where you are actually much more prone to data loss, downtime and server issues, being able to utilize the cloud (servers on the internet) you have much less downtime and easy access from all your devices. And let us not forget that you often spend less money than by having your own servers which require a great deal of power, service and upkeep. There are more benefits but it will take too long to write down here. 5 Cloud Business Benefits

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